Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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A destash collection of 7 chunky beaded necklaces and one beaded bracelet. All but one (the brown glass beads in pic 8, which just need detangling and reconnecting somewhere!) are ready to wear, repurpose or resell -- I just have far too much stuff and need a clear out! Some have a little wear but are in good condition. Varying sizes, obviously -- if you'd like to know the specific measurements of any pieces, send me a convo!FREE SHIPPING to most of the world!+\u00a35 flat shipping fee to USA, NZ and Australia(all other destinations free)UK orders over \u00a310 tracked as standardInternational orders over \u00a330 tracked as standardFor all other orders add tracking for a flat rate of +\u00a36 worldwide, collection

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