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This cosmic celestial statement ring is like the universe on your finger. The third eye moon watches over a sodalite stone that is like a galaxy unto itself. The crescent is handstamped 20g Sterling silver with three eyes and starbursts. It hovers over two stars and a ... The back plate is 20g Sterling silver and measures appx 2 1/8" long x 1 1/4" wide. The band is 6mm wide x 2mm thick and stamped with the same three eye symbols and star bursts.Sodalite is believed to bring us back in touch with our intuition and like other blue stones, it promotes tranquility and has long been associated with the heavens.This ring is a US 9. It fits pretty true-to-size, but you know your fingers best. NOTE: There is a little hole on the bezel seam on the corner. See photo. This ring is priced accordingly. By purchasing this ring, you acknowledge this and will give it a good home.*** This item includes FREE USPS Priority Shipping ***, moon

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