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THE MULTI-BLESSING BRACELET \u26ab\ufe0f\ud83d\udd34\ud83d\udfe0\ud83d\udfe1\ud83d\udfe2\ud83d\udd35\ud83d\udfe3\u26ab\ufe0fThis quality bracelet was created by jewelry artist, Evan Nash of \ud83d\udc1d Bees and Beads has been infused with an Archangel blessing by author, healer, and high vibrational, energetic craftsman, Samantha Red Wolf.Can\u2019t decide on what blessings to get? This bracelet lets you have up to 7 on one bracelet (one per colored bead).\u26ab\ufe0f\ud83d\udd34\ud83d\udfe0\ud83d\udfe1\ud83d\udfe2\ud83d\udd35\ud83d\udfe3 Bracelet crystals are: black tourmaline, red jasper, yellow jade, tigers eye, green aventurine, sodalite, lapis lazuli, and amethyst. HOW TO PURCHASE: When purchasing, choose how many blessings you would like and add a note in check out with the name of your blessing choices. Want to start with one and get more later? It\u2019s easy! Purchase only one blessing and whenever you want to add another blessing, return to my shop and purchase a \u201ccustom blessing\u201d ( Then send me a photo of your bracelet, and I will remotely add the new blessing to your bracelet!\u2728BLESSING CHOICES\u2728\ud83d\udc7bSpiritual Protection: This blessing is a \u201cwhite flame\u201d Archangel blessing. Earthbound Spirits, ghosts and dark spirits will be unable to come within 111 feet of your body. If they do, white light doorways are opened for them (loved ones come to get them) and dark spirits are \u201crecycled\u201d back into neutral energy.\ud83d\udee1Empath Protection: Other human beings will be unable to form energy cords to you against your will. Protection from being drained by others energy and emotions. Protection of the aura. \ud83d\udcb0Abundance (money): This blessing continuously clears energetic imbalances in the body/spirit/aura having to do with attracting and making money, success in business etc. What happens next is up to you and your choices and activities. \ud83d\udc94Heal the Heart: This blessing helps promote healing of the heart as a result of grief, breakups and loss. Helps prepare the heart for new love and friendships. \ud83e\udd15Trauma Healing This blessing helps promote healing from PTSD, abuse, and other trauma. \u2622\ufe0f\ud83d\udcf1EMF Radiation Healing: This blessing carefully and gradually removes \u201cenergetic damage\u201d to the body caused by electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and other electronics. \ud83d\udcacCustom Blessing: Design your own with Samantha\u2019s help., tourmaline bracelet

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