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Jumping horse barrette lead free pewter copper platedaccessories, scarf clip Forge Hill Sculpture



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Design by Beverly Zimmer 1998Lead free pewter, Copper PlatedThis gorgeous barrette is a wearable work of art! The design is riveted to an 80 x 12 mm (large) French clip. This is a signature piece in my jewelry line. I am always stopped by people saying "where did you get that". This barrette is fun and comfortable to wear. It is not too heavy and holds thick and thin hair securely. Due to the pointy ears, it is not recommended for very young girls.All of the jewelry designs in my Etsy store have a copyright or are owned by a company that I work with. Please note: Etsy does not automatically combine shipping if you purchase multiple items. If you are overcharged I will refund you for shipping overages., beverly zimmer

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