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caddy, Cow Ring Holder



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A friendly and whimsical cow to brighten your day.Who could resist that face and not want to play?You will receive a cow as pictured. If you really want a certain color let me know - but I can't promise.This is an original pattern, coded and then printed by me.Note : Each item is made from two pieces glued together in halves. There is a small drainage hole in each piece. Items can be cleaned when necessary with a rag and cold or lukewarm water.Disclaimer: These are homemade items, not factory runoffs. There will be little imperfections, and that just shows that it was made by a person WITH a machine, not a giant factory process. I will sand and try to clean up imperfections but they make each item unique. 'wabi-sabi', they say.. it is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete" but no one else is going to have anything quite like it., holder

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