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Polymer Clay Interchangeable Tear Drop Earring Set- Olive/gold



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Gold-plated teardrop earrings with mix-and-match polymer clay charms.\u00a0 Earrings are light weight and nickel-free.\u00a0 Set includes five sets of charms: granite discs, flat olive/gold discs, corrugated olive/gold discs, large and small marble brown semi-circles.\u00a0These are handmade in Mooresville, NC by a single mom who needs a creative outlet. Enjoy!____Weight info: Everyone has different weight tolerances for the earlobes. I've tried to indicate where my earrings fall, so you'll be aware before you purchase. I personally can't go beyond medium weight which I can tolerate through a day in the office or a night out. Heavy weight will be the major statement earrings but will not be suitable for everyone.Light Weight= feather light (studs, polymer clays, small glass beads)Medium Weight= More structured earrings with beadingsHeavy Weight= More intricate, structured statement earrings with gemstones or heavy beading.____Guarantee- I'm new at jewelry making and I definitely want to ensure you come back for more. If you experience any issues with your jewelry, please DM with details me and I will make it right.

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