Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

5 Antiqued silver ball chain necklacesball chain, 24 inchesball chain, stainless steel toneball chain, 2.4mm bead sizeball chain, ball chainball chain, pendant chainball chain, dog tag necklaceball chain,



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I ship daily from the USA Monday through Friday. 5 Antiqued silver ball chain necklaces for pendant and dog tag jewelry. These are 24 inches long and include closures. They are stainless steel tone and the bead size is 2.4mm bead size. Ball chains for dog tags, and domino jewelry. Ball chain, pendant chain, dog tag necklace, EXCESS SHIPPING REFUNDED Ball chain necklaces ONLY. No pendant tray or glass with this listing.Antiqued silver ball chain necklaces that match antiqued silver and stainless steel. They match my antiqued silver trays and dog tag blanks.24 inches long, complete with closure., 24 inch necklace

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