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men's bracelet in Red Corsican Mediterranean CORAIL 1st choice certified genuinered coral bracelet, natural and unstained



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men's bracelet in CORAIL CORSE (corallium rubrum) certified genuine,undyed, untreated 1st category-the total length is 19 .4 cm. (We can make you the bracelet to your measure if you give us your wrist circumnaband.The beads measure 3mm in diameter or 4mmThe clasp is made of solid silverits color is the RED CORSE FAMEUX so prized by the CONNAISSEURSA discreet men's bracelet for those who love delicate and elegant jewelleryIt is a jewel that will take more and more value because Corsican coral is becoming rare and expensivecertificate of authenticityAttention there are many bracelets of this kind for sale in sites at very low prices it is not real Coraldelivered in a beautiful box offered., real coral

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