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glass earrings, Turquoise blue waves pattern fused dichroic glass Niobium ear wires Dangle earrings Petite flowing pattern Hypo-allergenic



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Fabulous Petite blue green fused dichroic glass earrings. 20 gauge hypo-allergenic teal niobium ear wires support rounded squares of about 1/2" Total length of the earrings is just over 1" long. Hand crafted unique pattern of sparkly blue turquoise green dichroic glass. This color of dark turquoise is a lovely shade of blue.Sterling silver ear wires are always available upon request. Each pair of earrings is fused to at least once to 1500 -1550 degrees, then cold worked ( ground with a diamond grinder) and fired in a kiln for the second time at 1350 degrees to smooth the edges and refine the shape.Each fused glass piece is annealed, which means cooled at a controlled speed, for strength and durability. I photograph very carefully so that you will have the best possible images to make your decision from. My glass comes packed in a gift box so that you may give it as a gift or have it be a gift to yourself.McCray Studios dichroic glass earrings, dangle earrings, earrings, raindrops earrings, niobium hypo-allergenic ear wires niobium anodized ear wires nickel free nickel-free71, fused glass jewelry

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