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butterfly bracelet, Blue And Purple Beaded Butterfly Charm Bracelet With Brass Chain



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This unique charm bracelet features a mix of gemstones and complimentary colors with brass chain. Blue, purple, and creamy off-white contrast with neutral bronze to create a pretty ensemble. The adjustable 7-9.5 inch bracelet has an oval bead of chevron amethyst, a bright blue dyed agate disc, and a neutral crazy lace agate bead, all chosen to tie in with a blue-purple butterfly charm-which is a glass dome in a brass bezel. This large focal point is about 1 inch in diameter, close to the size of a U.S. quarter.One line is a fancy brass chain, and the other line is a beaded line of nylon coated jewelry wire with an assortment of glass, crystal, pearl, and brass beads.The closure to this adjustable bracelet is a brass lobster claw clasp and chain, trimmed with a small heart shaped charm., crazy lace agate

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