Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Gold Flow chain Zirconia Pendant



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The beautiful necklace is made of polished, rust-brown gemstone balls. Its glittering gold speckles give the special gem its name, namely Goldflu\u00df or Sunstone. In the middle of the chain is firmly worked, in silver, a brilliantly similar glittering Zirkonisstein. Decorative silver Rondelle are threaded at regular intervals. The chain is made of nylon-sheathed stainless steel cable and is provided with 925/-silver caps and carabiners.Unfortunately, the many glittering gold dots and the vibrant rust red can not be depicted correctly. The image does not meet the chain in any way.* * Manufacturing type * *Handmade* * Materials used * *925/-Silver, Goldflu\u00df, Cubic zirconia* * Size/Size/Measure/Weight * *Total length about 45 cmCubic zirconia size approx. 8 mmGoldflu\u00df ball size diameter approx. 6 mm, chain

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