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anethyst, Chakra Balance Tumbled Stone Kit



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This chakra balance tumbled stone kit is available for your chakra balance and meditation needs! \ud83d\ude0d\ud83d\udd2e\ud83d\udc8e\u2764\ufe0f\ud83d\udc96\ud83d\udc9b\ud83d\udc9a\ud83d\udc99\ud83d\udc9cContained in this sachet are approximately 1 ounce of eight different types of stones meant to address the energetic needs of each chakra system within the human body. Chakra balance practice will help to align the physical body with the spirit. Diligent practice in conjunction with meditation and a regular spiritual practice can bring countless benefits into your life including easier anger and stress management and manifesting that which you desire into your life. Lining up the stones by color according to the chakra system is a very simple yet extremely energetically beneficial exercise which can be practiced every morning. Additionally, you may use the individual stones to heal specific parts of the body or chakra system, independently of each other.The stones you will receive in this kit are\u2764\ufe0fGarnet for root chakra\ud83c\udf4a Carnelian for sacral chakra\ud83c\udf1fTiger Eye for solar plexus/navel chakra\ud83d\udc9a Prasiolite for heart chakra\ud83d\udc99Lapis for heart chakra\ud83d\udd2eAmethyst for third eye chakra\ud83d\udc8e Powerful clear quartz for crown chakra I wish you all happy meditations! Namast\u00e9, garnet

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