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In the Viking Period pair of chatelaines were attached to the apron dress brooches to support strings of beads or grooming tools. The Omega and Crossbow brooch/chatelaines came from the lands of the Russ. I added a tongue to the documented Spiral Chatelaine to form another brooch/chatelaine. Chatelaines and Grooming Tools are made in our shop or one of our suppliers. 1. Finnish Spiral Chatelaine was popular in Swedish controlled western Finland approximately 900 AD.2. Crossbow Chatelaine found in the land of the Russ. The actual artifact had holes in the 'fan' to attach - maybe grooming tools. 3. Omega Chatelaine with Grooming Tools Eastern Baltic & RussGrooming tools are attached with documented Viking Age double jack 'S' link chain. Documented components can be found in the strangest places - like a lamp store.Grooming tools listed as single items can be exchanged, added or removed to create your own unique Chatelaine. Please ask for a quote in an Etsy message. Include a note you wish them arranged., spiral

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