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cross, Mystery Vegetal Gold/Golden Grass rosary Beads/Capim Dourado Brasil/golden Cross/Boho Chic/Golden herb/Original Rosary



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Golden Grass BeadsMysteries elaborated handmade with Capim Dourado.They measure 21.5 cm long.The main advantages of jewellery and accessories made in vegetable gold are:. Very light weight pieces.. They don't produce allergies.. They don't change color over the years.. They do not carry maintenance-specific care.. Resists water and perfume.. High durability.. The metals used in the assembly are hypoallergenic gold-plated.. The stones used are semi-precious. (Agate, amethyst, quartz, Amazonite, etc). Its golden tone changes according to the light it gives to more or less brightness.. Ecological and sustainable product.Our jewellery in love wherever you go and now you can have it at your fingertips if you want to just click, the rest we take care of us.Thank you for visiting us!, religious cross

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