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hemp necklace choker, Hawaiian Tribal Fish Hook African Batik Bone Bead Hemp Necklace



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The Hawaiian Tribal Fish hook African African Batik Bone Bead Hemp Necklace can be worn at any length between 13 and 22 inches. If you contact me to specify the length you would like it I will custom fit it with a bead closure, otherwise it will be sent with open ends for you to tie off. Two batik bone beads from Kenya frame the fish hook pendant. The resin pendant is 2 inches long and 1 1/4 inches wide. The fishhook is a traditional Maori symbol that stands for safe travel over water. This piece has a tribal style that will look good on men and women alike! The necklace is hand-woven natural hemp cord. The light brown color sets the piece apart from all the other tan hemp necklaces.The necklace comes packaged in a recycled magazine gift envelope hand made by me, making it a great gift for any occasion!Please note: All jewelry is handmade in Vermont and materials are sourced from around the world. Please read my policies before ordering: http://www./shop/DiasporaDesigns/policyLooking for a steal? Check out my SALE items http://www./shop/DiasporaDesigns?section_id=7597951, fish hook symbol

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