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quartz, Variscite Cabochon



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Length: 31.62 MMWidth: 23.73 MMHeight: 6.90 MMWeight: 50 CaratsBezel: YesPolished Domed FaceUnpolished Flat BackThis marvelous cabochon was fashioned out of a small piece of Variscite. Variscite is a secondary mineral that is formed through the weathering of rocks containing phosphate and aluminum. Variscite is often confused for green turquoise, the difference between the two minerals is that green turquoise gets its color from trace amounts of copper while variscite gets its green color from phosphate and aluminum. This beautiful piece features several large burst of variscite encased within a quartz matrix. On the right edge and left edge of this piece there are several large splashes of vibrant dark apple green variscite. Spider-webbing across the rest of the face are thin veins of beautiful light green variscite, the thin light green veins of variscite are dancing around small chunks of white quartz. The appearance of this piece is absolutely awesome, it appears as if the variscite is cementing together the small pieces of white quartz. The crisp snow-white matrix compliments the varying shades of green variscite extremely well! The pocket of variscite on the right half of this piece is slightly softer than the surrounding quartz matrix, therefore the right edge of this stone is slightly lower than the left edge of this piece. There is also some minor pitting that is present on the face of this piece. This amazing stone will look brilliant set in sterling silver or wire wrapped.This cabochon was free-formed by my father and I.Metaphysical: Variscite helps relieve stress, reduce anxiety and depression, and brings joyous feelings., jewelry supplies

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