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Rare Irish Cufflinks, Handmade Irish Coin Cufflinks, Rare 1928 Coin, Lucky Coin Cufflinks, Very Rare Coin, Irish Harp Coin, Year 1928 Coin3 day shipping option available at checkout if you need them in a rushThe first coins of the Irish free state were made in 1928, WB Yeats the poet and Noble prize winner was the Chairman of the first Irish coin committee and he ran a competition to choose designs which was a reflection of Irish heritage and culture.These cufflinks are made out a 1928 real threepence Irish coins. Ireland was the first modern state to make its own currency and we are the only company who make these rare coins into Cufflinks. We have made a limited edition of 100 sets and they make a very unique and special gift. The coins have the letters 'Saorstat Eireann' meaning Irish Free State. As this was the first year, Irish coins were made, they are very rare and are a collectors item. If you are looking for something very different, these rare Irish cufflinks will make a fantastic gift, or a unique piece of Irish history to wear.The cufflinks are handmade in Dublin Ireland and we ship worldwide. Postage to the US takes 6/7 business days.The images on the coins are the Irish Hare (Rabbit) and the Irish Harp, a symbol of Ireland since the 1500's and which is depicted in the Book of Kells in Trinity college.All our cufflinks come in a silver cufflink presentation box.Note, the other Irish threepence cufflinks we sell are made from coins from 1968, this set is the 1928 first coin set. We are the only company that make them, making them a very rare and unique gift.We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products and we have over 3500 sales on ETSY with 5 star feedback.For further information, please go tohttps://www./shop/worldcoincufflinks, irish gift for men

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