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Sweet Strawberry Slice Earrings: Cottage Core Stylestrawberry earrings, Accessorize The Strawberry Dress



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Do you have THE STRAWBERRY DRESS? Do you just wish you did? Either way, STRAWBERRIES ARE IN SEASON! \r\rWe-Pick, or Pick-Your-Own...... it doesn't matter, just as long as you make sure to pick up these earrings before they're sold out!\r\r\rEach earring features an itty-bitty strawberry half & two strawberry slices, on a cutting board the size of a quarter. \r\r\rAll handmade with love and FIMO clay, by BetsyEtsy! \r(except for the earring-wires= I bought those!)\r\r\rDon't forget to check out the rest of my items:\r\r, betsy etsy

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