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LIVE IN THE MOMENT . How true this quote is the older you get. I hand wrought this cuff from some of my recycled sterling silver I saved. I melt down my scrap, pour it into an open mold, then run it through one of my rolling mills. Then comes the fun part of using my hammer to form it to the shape I want, annealing as I go along. Then I add a quote that seems appropriate at the time. You however can add your own inspirational quote, name, or whatever strikes you as long as it will fit length wise. This particular bracelet is a little on the large size and measures 2&3/4" across at it"s widest point and 2" high and would fit someone with a larger wrist. However, I can cut this one down to fit a more average sized wrist. If you would like to order a custom bracelet, please contact me via Etsy and we can work together to make something special just for you. I can also make these as a bangle bracelet too. The leather bracelet in the photo is not included, but doesn't give you some ideas ? Mix and match., inspirational

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