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mica shift, Shimmery Ultra Violet Purple And Black Rectangular Earrings With Silver Filled French Hooks



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Bright and fun shimmery ultra violet purple and black earrings with sterling silver filled french hooks:The 3D pattern you see on these purple rectangle earrings looks like a texture, but that's an illusion. I used a polymer clay technique called 'mica shift' to create this effect.These lightweight rectangle shapes measure 1 and 3/4 inches long and 1 inch wide. A thin layer of purple mica shift is set against black for high contrast. I sanded and buffed the purple layers, and then gave them a thin coat of water based polyurethane gloss. The jump ring attachments at the top are trimmed with frosted glass purple seed beads.The french hooks are sterling silver filled, and their stamping reads '925 SSF'. This means that they're sterling that has been given a copper filling to reduce cost. That may sound like plating, but this is not. The layer of sterling silver in the case of SSF is hundreds of times thicker., purple and black

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