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hand stamped jewelry, Mothers Day: Personalized Hand Stamped I'll Love You Forever Necklace



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Popular saying "I'll love you forever, like you for always" <3. As a girl I remember climbing into my mother's lap and listening as she read this book to me. Now as a mother myself I read the book to my children and can't help but cry every single time. \r\r\rIncludes:\r1 1/4 inch aluminum heart. \r2 3/4 inch aluminum hearts. \rBirthstones of your choice. \r2 1.5 mm stainless steel ball chains \rOther chains can be requested. Please message me for the chain you would like. \r\rIf you choose 1 small heart necklace it includes the large heart, small heart with names and small heart necklace.\r\rEach purchase includes a dainty organza bag with a polish pad, ready to give as a gift. The polish pad will help to keep your item polished and shiny, by simply rubbing across the surface.\r\r\r\rAll of our jewelry is hand stamped. Because of each letter being stamped into the metal, there may be variation between spacing and alignment. Each piece will be a unique, special and one of a kind treasure that you will have for years to come and even future generations. <3\r\r<3 Please LIKE my page, <3 For exclusive deals and pictures of your piece before it is even mailed. \r\r\r(\u00af`v\u00b4\u00af)\r`*.\u00b8.*\u00b4\r\u00b8.\u2022\u00b4\u00b8.\u2022*\u00a8) \u00b8.\u2022*\u00a8), hand stamped

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