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Mood Jewelry is back and it's hotter than ever!! Add this to your Summer Jewelry collection for a playful, but fabulous look!!\r\r Look at this MOOD stone, it's not your typical one, it's fabulous!! They are being called mirage beads these days because they change colors and sometimes a mixture of colors. Look at the unique fountain design as it changes colors throughout at the day as your body temp changes along with the mood your in!\r\rA 24mm 3rd Generation Fountain Fern Coin Mood/ Mirage bead is centered between 2 Indocolite teal Swarovski crystal rounds then hung from a bright silver tone chain that is linked throughout with sparkling Indocolite Teal Swarovski rounds! \r\rThis necklace is a showstopper!!\r\r\rThese unique designed mood stones are powered by thermo- sensitive liquid crystals that change colors as you wear them. Your body temperature changes when your in different moods.\rFor example; if you are excited, your body temperature may be higher than normal, meaning the mood necklace will heat up and change color.\r\rMood ring color meanings:\rBlack- stressed\rDark Grey- fear\rYellow- nervous\rDark green- mixed emotions\rRoyal Blue- Normal\rDark blue- calm, relaxed\rPurple- cool\rMustard yellow- lovable\rLight green- romantic\rDeep blue- passionate\rDeep purple-very happy\r\rSparkle on\rHandcrafted by Jody and Terri, homemade jewelry

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